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Windows 10 App RT News Russia Today

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The official English RT News app, formerly known as Russia Today, can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 users. Read the full article below for more details and a video overview of key features.

If you’re interested in news about Russia and its business abroad, you should definitely check out the newly launched ‘RT News English’ app in the Windows Store.

For those who don’t know, RT is funded by the Russian federal budget and hosts 24-hour newsletters, documentaries, talk shows and debates, focusing on Russia, as well as international events.

RT news app lands in the Microsoft Store

RT is a 24/7 English language news channel. We are willing to show you how every story can be a different story. Broadcast on six continents and 100 countries, our coverage focuses on international headlines and offers an innovative angle to challenge viewers around the world.

Windows 10 App RT News Russia Today

Those who have seen Russia Today on television, or just RT, as it is known today, are already accustomed to the highly professional level of its programs and reports, comparable to other major media outlets such as EuroNews or CNN.

I tested RT for Windows 10 for a few minutes and you can see for yourself in the video below that it does look pretty good indeed.

Everything in the app is really snappy and what I liked the most was the live stream feature. I didn’t experience any lag even when using the highest quality stream.

Windows 10 App RT News Russia Today

Whenever you want, you can right-click or double-tap and choose between the news and on-air sections. In the Live section of the application you can follow the news from Russia or America.

RT also made sure to mention in the official description that while the channel is a government fund, it shapes its editorial policies without political and commercial influences. After watching RT for over a year, I can attest.

According to the latest statistics, nearly 650 million people watch the channel in more than 100 countries around the world.

This does not necessarily mean that they are interested in Russia-oriented news, but they have become accustomed to professional reporting. Follow the link below to download the app on your Windows devices.

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