You’ve tried the best online train games, but still can’t find something that you like. Well, don’t worry, because here we have listed the best train games online 2022 for you. You will surely find what you are looking for. Let’s get started.

  • There are a myriad of great online train games that will encourage even non-believers to give them a try.
  • Whether you want to relax or have a passion for mechanics, you can find train games in different levels.
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Looking for train games online?

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If you have a passion for mechanics or maps and routes, then train games might be for you.

You can let your imagination run wild as you try to build your own railway network and get an exciting and fun experience while playing with your friends.

Many gamers say that the best train games are among the best board games released. There are several websites where you can play online games, in different categories.

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Looking for train games online?

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Check out the best online train games

1. Rail Nation

Looking for train games online?

This is a great game for managing and building your own network of trains and stations. it will start small and work its way up.

The games place a lot of emphasis on economic solutions and all the power games that come with running your own railroad.

You can choose from more than 150 trains from around the world and railway eras: steam, diesel or electric.

⇒Play Rail Nation

2. Train Fever

Looking for train games online?

Here you have the task of establishing a transport and logistics company as a manager.

The game offers you 45 trains and vehicles to choose from and the time period is from 1850 to 2020.

Plus, you’ll be responsible for managing transportation for mines, forests, farms, and more. But make sure to build some city roads to make sure your goods reach your stations.

⇒Play Train Fever

3. Train Simulator

Looking for train games online?

Ever wondered what it’s like to operate trains from the inside? Now you have the option to sit in the locomotive cab or you can pull the handles and turn the knobs.

The Train Stimulator cockpit offers cool and fun challenges by giving you full control over authentic locomotives and real routes.

⇒ Play Train Simulator

4. Railroad Tycoon II

Looking for train games online?

In the game, you are in charge of 51 locomotives and 34 types of cargo. Developing strategies for buying and selling stocks, planning train routes, optimizing operations and acquiring companies. Build your own empire, and if all this is too much, you can hire or fire your managers at any time. Show them how legends are made!

⇒Play Railroad Tycoon II

5. Mini Metro

Looking for train games online?

Another great strategy simulation game that puts you in control of building a subway map for a growing city.

You’ll have to decide along the way which lines to add between stations, which stations to keep open, and when and where to best use your resources.

The city is growing fast and you have to make sure everything runs smoothly.

⇒ Play Mini Subway

This is our list of great online train games. Check out our recommendation and find out which one you like best.


In conclusion, the best train games online are those that offer a unique experience and encourage players to think critically about the rules and mechanics of their game. They also require players to interact with their environment and other people to succeed.

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