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NieR Automata Resolution Issues On Windows 10

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NieR: Automata is a fun and challenging game, but not all players can play it at their full screen native resolution.

Actually, this is a very common problem that affects a significant number of players.

Here’s how one user describes this issue:

Some other common display issues that users have reported are as follows:

  • NieR Automata won’t go fullscreen – To fix it, all you need to do is get the FAR mod, configure it and start the game.
  • NieR Automata far not working –If the FAR mod doesn’t work, try playing the game in Window mode and use the Windowed Borderless Gaming software.
  • NieR Automata fullscreen black bars – You can resolve the issue by changing the GPU scaling setting.
  • NieR Automata fullscreen crash, blurry, not working –You should be able to fix most of these issues with one of our solutions.

How to fix NieR: Automata fullscreen resolution bug?

1. Update your drivers

NieR Automata Resolution Issues On Windows 10

If you are having issues with NieR: Automata full screen, the problem could be your graphics card driver. To resolve the issue, it is recommended to update the drivers to the latest version.

To do that, all you need to do is go to your graphics card manufacturer and download the latest driver for your model.

If downloading drivers manually seems like a complicated task, you can always use a third-party utility such as DriverFix to quickly and easily update all the drivers on your PC.

Not only will it save you time and patience, but you can also use it for future similar processes.

Drivers are regularly out of date and with DriverFix you can simply scan your device and get professional recommendations on the best components to get.

2. Use FAR mod

NieR Automata Resolution Issues On Windows 10

The gaming community mentions that many of NieR: Automata’s full-screen resolution errors can be easily fixed with the FAR mod.

The download is completely free. You also just need to follow these steps:

  1. The game begins.
  2. Set the game to play in windowed mode and choose the resolution that matches the resolution of your monitor.
  3. Now press Ctrl + Shift + Backspace to open the FAR Control Panel.
  4. Go to the Windows Management section.
  5. Enable the Borderless, Full screen (borderless scaling), and Keep inside window options.
  6. Restart the game.

This solution may seem a bit complicated, but if you follow the instructions carefully, you can do it without too much effort.

3. Use Windowed Borderless Gaming software

NieR Automata Resolution Issues On Windows 10

Step 1:

  • Launch the game and set it to run in windowed mode. (You can make this change in the in-game screen settings menu.)
  • After that, download and run the Windowed Borderless Gaming software.

Step 2:

  • Launch the Windowed Borderless Gaming software.
  • Launch NeiR: Automata.
  • The game should start in window mode. Now go to the systray in the lower right corner and click on Windowed Borderless Gaming. Choose Add Window from the menu.
  • Now click on the NieR: Automata window and the game will switch to borderless window mode.

As you can see, this is a relatively simple solution, and while the game doesn’t run in full screen mode, you can run the game in borderless windowed mode, which is similar to the actual full screen mode.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a permanent fix, so if this method works for you, you’ll need to repeat it every time you want to launch the game.

4. Change your GPU scaling settings

NieR Automata Resolution Issues On Windows 10

According to users, you may be able to fix this problem simply by enabling GPU scaling for your GPU.

To do that, simply open your graphics card’s control panel and find the GPU scaling setting.

Set the GPU scaling in the Full panel and save the changes. After you do that, the problem should be resolved.

In addition to GPU scaling, some users recommend enabling the virtual super resolution feature, so you may want to try it out as well.

Many users have confirmed that this solution works for AMD graphics cards, so be sure to give it a try. If you have Nvidia graphics, you should find similar settings in the Nvidia Control Panel.

5. Use the Alt + Enter shortcut

NieR Automata Resolution Issues On Windows 10

The keyboard shortcut Alt + Enter can solve the resolution problem.

Just change the game settings and start the game in window mode. After that, press Alt + Enter and the game will switch to full screen mode.

Again, this is just a solution, but if it works for you, you’ll have to repeat it every time you want to start the game.

6. Disconnect the second monitor

NieR Automata Resolution Issues On Windows 10

Many gamers prefer to use two monitors during their gaming sessions, but sometimes a second monitor can cause problems with NieR: Automata.

So unplug a monitor and restart the game.

If disconnecting the second monitor seems like a hassle, you can always turn off the second monitor via the Settings app and then try launching the game.

This has worked for some users, so why not try it yourself?

Overall, NieR: Automata is a great game, but a full screen resolution bug can seriously affect your gaming experience. However, you should be able to solve that problem with one of our solutions.

Let us know which one has worked for you in the comments section.

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