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 how to fix low internet connection on windows 10

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Many Windows 10 users reported that KB3201845 caused the loss of Internet connection. This issue causes a lot of annoyances and problems especially for online players who go offline while trying to climb the ladder. To help users and the gaming community, we’ll give you an Internet connection troubleshooting tutorial.

Why does my internet keep disconnecting?

There are three common reasons why the internet goes offline:

  1. The first reason can be a configuration error caused by Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol or TCP / IP.
  • Failure to renew may result in loss of internet connection errors. Obtaining a valid IP configuration can resolve this issue.
  • You can easily validate your IP address through Command Prompt.

2. The connection to the Internet can be lost due to corruption of the Winsock API registry key or simply because this key is missing.

  • This API allows applications to use transport protocols, giving them the Internet access they need.
  • You can easily reset the Winsock API from the command prompt.

3. The third reason that this loss of internet connection can occur is because the network device driver may not be supported or not installed properly.

  • This network device driver manages the computer’s communication with other computers or operating systems on the network so that corruption or incompatibility issues make it impossible to maintain the Internet connection.

How do I fix the loss of Internet connection

1. Update your driver

 how to fix low internet connection on windows 10

The final solution for the network device driver can be achieved by updating your driver. You can download the latest driver for your PC from the manufacturer’s official website. You can also open Device Manager to download the latest driver updates to your computer.

For the direct approach, visit your PC manufacturer’s official website and download the appropriate driver.

For the updated version, after downloading the file from the internet, use Win + X to go to Device Manager, select Network adapters, right click on the option used for internet connection and then select Update software from controller.

 how to fix low internet connection on windows 10

When the browse window appears, choose the downloaded file, click Next and restart your PC after the installation is complete.

To avoid damage to your PC by installing the wrong driver versions, we highly recommend doing it automatically with DriverFix.

 how to fix low internet connection on windows 10

This tool finds the correct driver versions and keeps your firmware up to date. Please note that this tool can install some drivers in multiple steps.

2. Renew your IP

To fix the TCP/IP configuration problem, you need to refresh your IP.

Open the command prompt with Win + R and type cmd.exe or go to Windows search and type cmd or use Win + X and launch the command prompt as administrator.

After opening the command prompt as an administrator, type the command ipconfig /renew. You have to repeat this step twice for it to work.

 how to fix low internet connection on windows 10

3. Reset Winsock API

Fixing the Winsock API only takes a few minutes. Start Command Prompt as administrator and enter the following commands:

  • netsh winsock reboot catalog

 how to fix low internet connection on windows 10

  • netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

 how to fix low internet connection on windows 10

After inserting these two commands, you will need to restart your computer for the commands to take effect. Sometimes this can prove to be a temporary solution as many users had to reset the Winsock API every time they booted their PC.

However, this must have been caused by a virus and we recommend that you also run a system scan and repair any corrupted files. That could turn this temporary fix into a permanent one.

That’s it, we hope this article helped you to solve the annoying problems of Internet connection loss. If you found other solutions to fix this issue, please post them in the comments section below to help the Windows community.

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