• Windows 10 does not include a duplicate file finder tool, so here’s how to remove duplicate files in Windows 10.
  • Duplicate files take up a lot of space on your drive so they can quickly clog your system.
  • You can handle duplicate files automatically with Easy Duplicate Finder.
  • CCleaner also has a duplicate search feature. Learn how to use it below.

How to remove duplicate files in Windows 10

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Duplicate files are two or more of the same file. You will be amazed at how many duplicate files can be on your hard drive.

Even if you have not intentionally saved duplicate documents or images, the software can often have multiple duplicate files in alternate folders.

Unnecessary duplicate files can waste a lot of hard drive storage space. Therefore, it is surprising that Windows 10 does not include a built-in file scanner that allows users to find and delete duplicate files.

The easiest way to solve this problem is through CCleaner. This great software can help you get rid of any duplicates and offers a wide variety of other useful options.

However, there are many third-party system maintenance and more specific duplicate file cleaner tools for Windows to scan and clear duplicate files.

How can I delete duplicate files in Windows 10?

1. Use Easy Duplicate Finder

How to remove duplicate files in Windows 10

Easy Duplicate Finder is an excellent smart solution that uses the latest technologies to quickly identify all duplicate files on your PC.

Anyone can use it and the drag and drop mechanics allow you to become a pro in just a few seconds.

We’re not adding any complicated directions on how to use it, as it’s just a three-step process to remove duplicate files on your drives.

That means downloading and installing the software, launching the Wizard tool with one click, and removing duplicate files with another click. Done, you just reclaimed tons of free space on your drives.

However, just because you can solve this problem with minimal effort doesn’t make Easy Duplicate Finder rudimentary.

You always have access to more advanced options because you have more than 10 scanning modes and search methods for advanced file management.

And if you run out of space in your cloud storage, this software also works on those solutions, including Google Drive and Dropbox. Hit the button below and try this tool in seconds.

2. Erase duplicate files with CCleaner

  1. Download CCleaner and install it.
  2. Open CCleaner.

How to remove duplicate files in Windows 10

3. Click Tools on the left side of the window.
4.  Select Duplicate Finder to open the utility shown directly below.

How to remove duplicate files in Windows 10

Configure the search options

  1. Select the Match name and size by check boxes.
  2. Exclude hidden files and system from searching by selecting the Ignore system files and Hidden files check boxes.
  3. If you’d rather not have file size restrictions in your search, clear the File size below and File size above checkboxes.
  4. Select drive option C to scan the entire hard drive:

Select specific folders and file types to scan

  1. Press the Add button to open the window shown directly below in the shot.

How to remove duplicate files in Windows 10

2. Click Browse to choose a more specific folder or partition on the hard drive.
3. Click the Files of type radio button. You can then enter more specific file types to search for, such as                         PNG,  MP3, DOC, etc.
4. Press the OK button.

Exclude folder and files

  1. To exclude folders from the search, select the Exclude tab.
  2. Click the Add button.

How to remove duplicate files in Windows 10

3.Click Browse to select a folder to exclude.
4. Click OK to confirm the selected folder.
5.You can select your C: drive and the File types radio button to specify specific file formats that are not                          included in searches.
6.Click OK to close the Exclude window.

Erase the duplicated files

  1. Click Search to start the scan.
  2. Now check the list of detected duplicates. Check the boxes to remove duplicate files.

How to remove duplicate files in Windows 10

3. To select all duplicates, right-click on a file in the list and click the Select All option.

How to remove duplicate files in Windows 10

4. Press the Delete Selected button to delete the duplicate files
CCleaner’s Duplicate Finder is a perfectly adequate utility to clean up duplicate files. However, there are many other alternative duplicate file finders.

⇒ Download CCleaner

Our duplicate finder software guide provides more details about the best duplicate file removal tools.

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