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How To Delete Win Download Files In Windows 10

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Downloaded files can take up a lot of hard drive space. Users often download software installation files, which accumulate in their Downloads folders. Windows Update also downloads unnecessary files to a software distribution folder, which wastes even more space on the hard drive.

Downloaded Windows Update files and software installers can waste many megabytes and even gigabytes of hard drive space. So it’s worth deleting those download files every few months to free up hard drive storage space.

How do I delete Windows download files?

1. Delete files with a file eraser

How To Delete Win Download Files In Windows 10

BitRaser File Eraser is a disk cleaning utility for Windows 10 that completely erases files. You can quickly delete Windows download files with Bitraser’s delete list feature.

BitRaser supports 17 global data erasure algorithms. You can use it to completely erase common files, folders, partitions, software traces, system traces and browser data and make them unrecoverable.

Other useful features of Bitraser

  • Allows users to schedule data wipe tasks
  • Provides certified data erasure reports
  • Clean up unused disk space
  • Generate Log Reports
  1. To erase the Windows download files with that software, click the Startup tab in the BitRaser File Eraser window.

How To Delete Win Download Files In Windows 10

2. Click Add Wipe List on the left side of the Home tab.
3. Select the Add New List option.
4. Then press the Add Folder button and click the Browse option.
5. Select the Software Distribution Download subfolder in this path:
6. Then click OK after selecting a folder.
7. Select the Delete subfolder option, but DO NOT select the Delete folder after content is              deleted check box.
8.Click OK to return to the Add Delete List tab.
9.Then click on the Save List option, enter a title in the list name box and press the Save                     button.
10.Select the delete list you just saved and press the Delete Now button.

Note: Please disable Windows Update service before clearing Windows Update download files with BitRaser

2. Manually delete Windows Update download files

  1. Press the Windows and S keys at the same time.
  2. Enter services in the search engine.
  3. Click Services to open that window.

How To Delete Win Download Files In Windows 10

4. Right-click on the Windows Update service and select Stop.
5. Open File Explorer by clicking the Windows 10 taskbar button.
6. Then enter this folder in File Explorer’s path bar:
7. Then press Enter to open the Downloads folder shown below.

How To Delete Win Download Files In Windows 10

8. Press Ctrl + A to select everything in that folder.
9. Select the Home tab.
10. Click the Delete button.
11. If a File Access Denied window opens, select the Do this for all current items check                  box  and  click Continue.
12.Restart the Windows Update service by right-clicking in the Services window and                               selecting Start.

3. Enable Storage Sense to automatically delete files in the user Downloads folder

  1. Enter storage in the Windows 10 search box.
  2. Click Storage Settings to open that tab under Settings.

How To Delete Win Download Files In Windows 10

3 . Click Configure Storage Sense to open more options.
4 . Activate Storage Sense.
5. Then select an appropriate option under Delete files in my Downloads folder if they            are not  opened by more than one drop-down menu.

How To Delete Win Download Files In Windows 10

6. Storage direction will delete downloaded files automatically based on settings when                        hard  disk space is low. However, you can click Clean Now to do it right away.
So, this is how you can delete Windows download files in SoftwareDistribution and Users download folders. Doing so frees up hard drive space for user files and software.

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