• Many Facebook Messenger users complained that the application does not work on their desktop.
  • One of the most intuitive solutions is to log back into Facebook Messenger.
  • Also try to clear the cache and temporary data and check the app.
  • Use a different web browser and disable plugins by following our guide below.

Facebook Messenger Not Working On Desktop

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Many Facebook Messenger users have complained that for some reason the application does not work on their Windows 10 PCs and they are unable to use the video or microphone feature.

This is frustrating, especially if you want to use your PC silently in your home office and easily communicate with your friends.

Don’t panic, there are some simple solutions that you can apply right away. Read on to find out which solution works best to get you back to using Facebook Messenger on your desktop.

What do I do if Facebook Messenger is not working on my PC?

1. Sign in to Facebook Messenger again

  1.  First you need to log out of the application.
  2. Go to the top left corner of the app and click on the Messenger icon.
  3. Navigate to File and select Sign Out.

Facebook Messenger Not Working On Desktop

4 .Confirm that you want to log out of the application.
5 .Then you have to go back to the Messenger app and login again.

One of the easiest and most intuitive solutions is to log out of the application and launch it again. So be sure to try it now.

If the application still does not work on your desktop, you can proceed to the next method.

2. Clear cache and temporary data

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Click the menu icon and choose Clear browsing data.
  3. You can also open it by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Del key on your keyboard.
  4. Choose the data you want to clear and click the Clear data button.

Facebook Messenger Not Working On Desktop

5 .Do not delete the saved password and other data, as you will be required to enter these data when you visit the desired websites again.
Clearing your browser’s cache can help you resolve any issues that arise due to corrupted data. If the problem persists, go to the next solution.

If a Facebook Messenger video call doesn’t work, you can check out our helpful solutions and fix the problem easily.

3. Disable add-ons

  1. Click on the three stacked dots in the top right corner of your browser.
  2. Navigate through the list of options and click More tools.

Facebook Messenger Not Working On Desktop

3 .Choose the Extensions option.
4 .A list of all your browser extensions will appear. Uncheck the boxes marked as checked to disable them.

Third-party programs, including browser extensions and plug-ins, can sometimes interfere with other programs and applications and prevent Facebook Messenger from working on your PC.

You should disable the plugins and extensions one by one and check after each if the problem persists.

4. Use a different web browser

If clearing your browser cache and cookies and disabling add-ons doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s best to switch browsers.

Certain browsers may be blocked in some countries to comply with the local laws of the region, and this could be a serious reason that prevents you from accessing the Messenger application.

Fortunately, there are alternative browsers that offer a built-in ad blocker and come with a filter option to unblock ads from any site you want.

Therefore, if Facebook Messenger doesn’t load on PC, our browser’s recommendation blocks all kinds of intrusive ads and makes pages load faster.

This browser also offers a free VPN for privacy and security, built-in messaging apps and snapshot function, video pop-up and out-of-the-box battery saver function.

5. Reinstall Messenger

  1. Type Control Panel in the search box and select the application.
  2. Go to the Programs and Features section.

Facebook Messenger Not Working On Desktop

3 .Select Facebook Messenger from the list, and click the Uninstall button.

Facebook Messenger Not Working On Desktop

4 .Confirm that you want to uninstall the application and close the Control Panel.
5 .Download the Messenger application for desktop.

Facebook Messenger Not Working On Desktop

6 .Enter your username and password and log in to your account.

The latest version of Facebook Messenger for desktop generally includes new features and fixes to known bugs, so installing it can be very useful in this case.

If the Facebook app is not working on Windows 10, you can take a closer look at our complete guide and find the best solutions for you.

We hope that our recommendations helped you to fix the Facebook Messenger app and that you can now use it on your desktop.

For more suggestions or other questions, feel free to open the comment section below.

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