• Over 100 new Excel data types are available for Preview.
  • Office users on Windows 10 and Mac, and with a subscription to Microsoft 365, can get started with the new data types in Excel.
  • You can refer to the Excel section for tips and guides at any time.
  • Visit the Windows 10 page to learn more about MS Office applications.

Excel lets you use more data types

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What kind of data do you mainly process or process in Excel on a daily basis? Names of places, movies, food?

Well, from now on, you don’t need to assign generic types, such as text or integers, to that data type.

If relevant or applicable, you have the option to use one of the 100+ new Excel data types that Microsoft has released for Office users on Windows 10 and Mac.

New Microsoft Excel data types

In addition, you can assign properties to your data types. For example, the food data type has properties such as calories and nutrients.

You can refer to data types with formulas, in addition to creating their data types in Excel. You can also manipulate the data as you normally would in a table.

For example, you can filter or sort your data based on new properties.

In addition, the feature comes with a number of automations to help you get started with calculations quickly.

Creating a table for the Food data type is a perfect example. When you add a column to the right of the Food table, you automatically get suggestions for one or more fields. Also, Excel automatically populates the columns with their respective values.

The new Excel data types are another consumer-oriented feature that Microsoft is bringing to the spreadsheet application. A few weeks ago, the company announced Money in Excel, a personal finance management tool aimed at individual consumers.

If you are an Office expert, have you already received the new Microsoft Excel data types? Let us know in the comment section below.

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