• Windows 10 2004 continues to cause Bluetooth issues for some users.
  • Patch Tuesday updates may include fixes for some persistent hardware/Windows 10 2004 incompatibility bugs.
  • Here are more solutions if you are still worried about Windows 10 v2004 errors.
  • We’ll bring you more OS related news and updates in the full Windows 10 category.

Bluetooth issues persist for some Windows 10 2004 users

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When it comes to bugs, Windows 10 2004 isn’t out of the woods yet. This is because your users are still reporting various types of issues that affect the functionality of their hardware and software.

One of the most recent issues with Windows 10 2004 that has come to light also has to do with the functionality of Bluetooth devices.

Windows 10 2004 Bluetooth trouble

A distraught Windows 10 2004 user recently reported on Reddit how updating to the operating system was causing Bluetooth issues.

Specifically, the operating system indicates that the user’s Bluetooth hardware has been disconnected, which is likely if the hardware is broken. However, the user does not seem to think that their device is faulty.

They even plugged in a Bluetooth dongle, which also didn’t work. The hardware just couldn’t connect to any Bluetooth hardware, including headphones.

“Bluetooth stopped working. According to the internet, it is an undesired side effect of the 2004 Windows iteration. The OS claims that the very BT hardware is disconnected. While there is a chance that the hardware really broke while I was using it, I even tried a BT dongle. It appears as a new device, but it won’t let me connect to, say, my Bluetooth earphones.”

To make matters worse, the user cannot disconnect their Bluetooth headphones.

Bluetooth issues are some of the first to appear on the Windows 10 2004 support page immediately after the operating system goes live. Microsoft, in particular, is still investigating the incompatibility of the Realtek Bluetooth radios and the new operating system.

But today, July 14, 2020, is Patch Tuesday, the day that Microsoft releases several security and non-security solutions for the Windows 10 operating system.

Perhaps today’s updates will include fixes for stubborn Bluetooth complications and a host of other keyboard shortcut bugs.

Did you experience problems with Bluetooth after installing Windows 10 2004? Head over to the comment section below and share your experience.

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