• There are several sandbox games and in this guide we will show you online games like Roblox.
  • These games allow you to create your own world with your friends in the same way as Roblox.
  • Some of the games in this guide are available on Steam, while others run in a web browser.
  • If you’re looking for games like Roblox, but more secure, try all of the entries in this guide.

Alternative Games Like Roblox To Play Online

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Roblox is a sandbox MMO (massively multiplayer online) game and is one of the most played free alternatives available for Minecraft. It allows players to build their own 3D worlds or play worlds created by other players.

However, there are many other free games like Roblox where you can build your own 3D worlds to play. These are some of the most notable alternative games like Roblox online that are available for free.

Quick tip:

Opera is one of the best browsers for playing browser games online. It is the only browser that has a special version of the game, in the form of OperaGX. OperaGX is the first dedicated gaming browser to include numerous game-oriented features.

The OperaGX sidebar contains most of that browser’s gaming features. There, users can access GX Control settings to limit RAM and network bandwidth usage and view RAM and CPU usage for open tabs. Twitch and Discord are also integrated into the OperaGX sidebar.

What are the best games like Roblox to play online?


Alternative Games Like Roblox To Play Online

Trove is an online multiplayer game that combines sandbox with massive multiplayer online sandbox game. Players can play as wizards, knights, pirates, spearmen and other character classes to explore many game worlds through the HUB. Or they can participate in PvP battles in Trove Battleverse.

Players can also build lots in Trove. The game features basic home bases that players can build to their heart’s content. Trove players can also create their own special club worlds for other players to join. That’s why it includes Roblox-esque sandbox build aspects.

⇒Get Trove

       2. Kogama

Alternative Games Like Roblox To Play Online

Kogama is an open sandbox game that you can play in your web browser. You can play, create and share your own 3D multiplayer games in Kogama’s online universe without downloading anything. However, there is a downloadable Kogama Android app available on Google Play.

You can get an idea of the kind of games you can make by playing on the Kogama website. The website contains a large number of player-made games that you can play without registering. However, you must register with Kogama to create and share your own games.

⇒ Buy Kogama

   3. Creativerse

Alternative Games Like Roblox To Play Online

Creativerse is a sandbox action adventure game in which players use gloves to extract materials and build items. Players have to craft items, collect materials, interact with wildlife and build their own shelters to survive in a huge 3D world in this survival game.

Creativerse has a creator mode to build your own worlds for other players to join. This game takes construction to a new level as players can completely rotate the blocks and provide blueprint instructions for the structures. Creativierse also has a great creative community with regular activities and events.

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    4. Minecraft Classic

Alternative Games Like Roblox To Play Online

Minecraft is the best sandbox game of all time, but unlike Roblox, it is not available for free. However, you can still play the original Minecraft game in your browser with Minecraft Classic. Mojang released Minecraft Classic to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary.

Minecraft Classic is the original 2009 game that has been restored to your browser. Contains all 32 building blocks of the original and even the same mistakes. You can also invite up to nine players to join you in your hosted Minecraft Classic game.

⇒ Download Minecraft Classic

   5. Terasology

Alternative Games Like Roblox To Play Online

Terasology is an open source sandbox game that grew out of a tech demo of Minecraft. It is now a full-fledged Java game with an online multiplayer mode that you can play on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Therasology players can create and build landscapes similar to Minecraft’s blocky worlds.

Terasology is without a doubt a visually stunning sandbox title. It has a rendering engine that provides dazzling shadow and lighting effects. Players will also enjoy the atmospheric music of Terasology.

⇒ Obtain Theralogy

Those are five great sandbox game alternatives to Roblox that allow players to unleash their creativity. You can play those games online with their internet multiplayer modes and some will even run in web browsers.

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